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Satellite Phone Rentals

Rent a satellite phone and stay in touch no matter where you travel. More than half of the world does not have cell phone coverage. Some areas of the world do not even have a regular phone service.
Satellite phone rental rates- rent a satellite phone and get coverage almost anywhere in the world.
                            Satellite Phone Rental Fee:
Daily Rental:                                                                                           $16.00
Weekly Rental:                                                                                       $99.00
Monthly Rental:                                                                                     $250.00
Domestic Airtime (Per Minute-Incoming and Outgoing):                                $3.25
Insurance Coverage Per Day (OPTIONAL):                                                  $2.50
Delivery and Return (Each Way)                                                               $20.00
Rent an Iridium satellite phone and stay in touch even if you are on a cruise ship or in a remote part of the world that does not have traditional phone coverage.

International Cellular Services rents portable handheld Motorola or Qualcomm satellite phones that are as simple for you to use as a cellular phone.
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Satellite Phone Rental Rates
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