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When will I receive my international cell phone rental and how do I return it?

When we receive your order for your cell phone rental, you will normally receive your international cell phone rental two business days prior to your date of departure. However, we do offer rush service for your cell phone rental if necessary.
Will I get my cell phone rental phone number before I leave on my trip?

Yes, in most cases we are able to provide you with your cell phone rental phone number up to 5 days in advance.
When do the rental charges begin?

Your rental period starts on the day of your departure and ends on the date of your return. We do not charge for days that the cell phone or other rental item is in transit to you.
When do I receive my rental bill?

In most cases*, your final bill of all rental and cell phone call charges will be mailed or emailed to you immediately after the cell phone rental is returned to our office.

*Billing for Satellite phone, Japan, Korea, and some of our local country numbers may take between 30 & 60 days for a final bill.
Do I need special codes or PINs to place or answer calls with my cell phone rental?

No codes or pins are needed when you rent a cell phone from us. Just dial the number and press send and press the answer button to receive a call.
Will my international cell phone rental have voicemail?

Yes, your international cell phone will have voicemail activated free of charge. You will only pay for the time you spend retrieving your messages.
Will my cell phone rental work on a cruise ship?

Your cell phone may work while your ship is at port or close to land, but we cannot guarantee service when at sea. If you need service when at sea or on a cruise ship, you will require a satellite phone. Please visit our link for our Satellite phone rental service.
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If you still have questions about renting an international cell phone, satellite phone, GPS, blackberry or other product from us, please call us directly and we'd be glad to serve you.

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