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Rent a Blackberry For Travel

Unlimited Email Data Usage (data charge when used in Japan)
All-in-one device for voice, text and email messaging
Open attachments easily (such as MS Word and Excel)
Sync Blackberry to Corporate BES server or receive a personalized email address
Never need to manually retrieve emails- they are pushed to you automatically
GWS provides complete technical support and service for your Blackberry rental
Rent a Blackberry from GWS and stay in touch when you travel!
Blackberry rental rates- rent a blackberry for travel to almost anywhere in the world.
                      Blackberry Rental Fee:
Weekly Rental:                                                                                      $115.00
Additional Days:                                                                                      $18.00
Monthly:                                                                                                $325.00
Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you now never have to miss that important email!
A ICS Blackberry rental enables you to travel with your personal or corporate email address to over 75 countries, including Japan!
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